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Struggling to Sleep? Light Therapy Could be the Answer.

Meet Pippa. She has recently been diagnosed with chronic fatigue. Her symptoms include exhaustion, difficulty sleeping and socialising and feeling constantly tired.

After 3 weeks of light therapy with Ruth Perrott at Vision Care Development, Pippa feels noticeably more awake and energised during the day and is able to sleep more peacefully during the night.


Light therapy or Syntonics involves looking at a coloured light for 20 minute intervals over the course of the day. You will be first given some tests at the clinic to ascertain your visual field and then be given a light box to take home with a particular coloured light. After a few days you will return to the clinic to re test your visual field.

Light therapy has been proven to help with many issues from exhaustion to anxiety.

Watch Pippa's story here:

For more information on Light Therapy contact Vision Care Development Tel: 01904 261126

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