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Full vision assessment

Full Vision Assessment allows time to investigate whatever the symptoms might be.
There are 40 different elements needed for looking and learning from accommodation to make it clear; convergence to make it single and saccades to jump from word to word.  This gives us time explore the vision system and decide which elements need attention. This may involve jumping on a trampette and using a gym ball. After all, if the Gross motors are not under control, then the finer motors of eye movement and handwriting stand less chance of being controlled. The result identifies a direction of treatment.

Coloured overlays or precision tinted lenses are usually the first to be explored.

It includes the investigations for: 


Eye Movement



Smooth pursuit movement

Covergence Insufficiency


Travel Sickness


The Full Vision Assessment identifies the needs and gives us a direction for treatment.
Classroom requirements and visual rehabilitation require an additional appointment once these needs have been identified.

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