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"A big thanks to Ruth and the team for finding an ‘outside the box’ resolution to the unusual vision handicap that I’d been experiencing for the last four years. It’s a great comfort and pleasure to be able to read a book once again!"



Ian Blackburn


"Good news. I can really feel the benefit of the prism, the tinted clip on and also the bilateral taping. I’ve tried various combinations of wearing them and not wearing them and I can say that it’s definitely best with everything together.


I have a significant feeling of relaxation in the muscles around my eyes and forehead with the tinted lenses on and it’s definitely much less effort for my brain. That’s already giving me more daily energy-endurance."

Derek From Taunton



Can’t thank Ruth enough for her amazing attention to finding the reason to our daughters problems. We now know how she sees the world and the difficulties she has faced.

With Ruth’s help this can all now be corrected.
If you child has vision problems please book to see Ruth the technology she used was amazing her knowledge too. 
We are returning for more investigations and our daughters glasses. Ruth is not your normal optician she goes even further to see what is going on then guides you. We will never go to another optician than Ruth now. She is also amazing with kids makes then feel so at ease to see our daughter going from not reading something to seeing it clear in seconds amazed us and our daughter. Thank you Ruth see you again very soon

Kim S mother of Phoebe Lea age 10

I'm just writing to let you know that Graces first day back at school was a huge success! She read her book to the teacher fluently and really enjoyed her writing work. Grace has spent a few days writing on every scrap if paper she can find and is amazed by her own handwriting, she brought it to me ( a new slime recipe) and said ' look mummy, I can write like primrose! I'm going to catch up with the others!she's so happy.

Thank you for listening to our gorgeous girl Ruth, we look forward to seeing you again soon.   

Katie S mother of Grace aged 7

The new glasses have changed my life! Screen work is 100 X easier, less 'noisy' and I can now watch our giant TV at home without getting annoyed with it and ending up with a migraine. I also wear them pretty much all the time (unless it is dark outside), for driving, socialising, generally enjoying life. I still have some 'noise' from reflections but as my other disturbances have been so reduced I find it much easier to deal with the reflections.

Thank you so much for your help, if I find I am having any problems in future I will be in touch, but for now I am going to carry on enjoying my newly calm world.

Anna H

My daughter was complaining of double vision and moving words. I brought her to Ruth to be assessed. They discovered that she had trouble with convergence - basically her eye muscles were not strong enough. What happened next was amazing.  Firstly Ruth prescribed bi-focals which immediately helped. Next Siena was introduced to a number of fun & engaging exercises which when practised over time worked at strengthening her eye muscles.  Within 6 weeks my daughters problems had gone!  It was outstanding. 

Ruth approach is so unique and effective. She makes the sessions so enjoyable that my daughter couldn't wait to go each time. I'm so grateful that they have helped her.  

Debbie A, mother of Siena aged 8

I was having frequent headaches. Reading was hell.

After having my lenses, for the first time ever I could read. I never knew glasses could make that much of a difference. I can see clearly and rarely squint now. It is a life changing event. Thank you to the staff that gave me a new lease of life. It means a lot to me!

MH, Castleford


Before I had my new lenses, pages were too bright. Afterwards, they were much easier to read. I would miss them if I lost them!

GS,  Ferrybridge


I found it hard to concentrate on what I was reading. The words did not look right. Now I enjoy reading and don’t try to avoid it – plus my hand writing has improved. It was a life changing event and I wear them daily.

CA, Castleford


I couldn’t see clearly before. Now I’m enjoying being able to see things I couldn’t see before. My dear, they are divine!

GH, Castleford


Before I had my tinted lenses my vision was poor. I couldn’t read or write properly before I had my glasses. When I had my GCSE’s I had to have coloured paper. After my tinted lenses I could write on white paper and I had no trouble when wearing my glasses. It also helps with headaches. If I didn’t have my coloured glasses I would have found it hard studying and taking part in my GCSE’s

AM, York


I started having migraine auras and these increased to 2 a week. Following attacks I had problems focussing and it literally hurts to see, especially in bright light and white objects. My eyes found it difficult to focus on print.

Now it is much more comfortable. I can watch TV without having to reduce the brightness to a ridiculous level which irritated my partner.. I can use the VDU without it hurting and can focus much better on print.. The glasses have certainly helped me to live with the problems my migraines are creating following attacks.

SM, Castleford


I felt it was a constant misty day. If the sun was shining it was even harder to see. White paper makes life uncomfortable and strong fluorescent lighting adds to the problem. After I had my lenses it was wonderful! I felt as though someone had given me clean glasses or the mist had been lifted. Colours were sharper and detail jumped out. …….I was finding it difficult playing golf but now things are much better

TM, York

Dear Ruth


Since I have had my new spectacles life has been soooo much better!

During 2011 suffered from unbelievable dizziness, serious headaches and sickness associated with motion. There was nerve damage in my elbows and I pleaded for surgery which failed! I attended pain clinics and could not live a normal life.

My new spectacles are amazing! Only now can I appreciate my one year of Hell. I didn’t realise just how much I had lost. I couldn’t drive more than 20 minutes without feeling sick, giddy and disorientated. Last week I drove 400 miles with no problem. The tension has gone from my body because I am no longer having to look through the wrong part of the lens which was causing tension in arms and shoulders. I can now look straight ahead again. 

I think it is the prisms that have altered my posture and the precision tint which has calmed my vision system. No dizziness. No headaches. No backache. Life is calm and relaxed. I didn’t realise just how much I had lost ………but now I have got my life back again!

As for Elizabeth – I was delighted to catch her reading under the bedclothes the other day, and where I should have been angry I was in fact elated as she has never done this before!

So thank you Ruth for giving me my life back again. It was worth far more than your bill, and I can recommend your services to anyone with disorientation problems.

Yours very happily.

Amanda L

Hi Ruth 

Dominic newest glasses arrived safely a few days ago and he is very pleased with them. 

He put them on and exclaimed "woah! The walls have stopped moving!!" . He also told me that when trying out lenses with you, it was the first time he had actually seen a square as a square! 


He is choosing to wear them for school and homework and they seem to be helping. 

Martin made a breakthrough with Dominic. He discovered that if Dom holds his lower jaw forward, all his muscles relax! Dom can do it actively, and we have sent photos of his teeth so that Martin can send them to his dentist colleague for an opinion. 

I would whole heartedly recommend Ruth Perrott and her team to anyone with a visual or perception problem that seems out of the ordinary. Ruth is willing to explore diagnoses and solutions that are outside the mainstream of current thinking about vision. She inspired Dominic and I with confidence that we would find a solution, when we were struggling to find anyone to help. Dominic's attention span, confidence and school work have all improved. Ruth's impact goes way beyond the eyes! 

H Neave (Dominic's mum) 

I had been struggling with my vision and perception for a long time. My problems are difficult to describe, and seem to be a bit unusual. My mum took me to a couple of opticians but they didn't understand my problems and their answers did not help me. Then somebody recommended Ruth Perrott. She was very kind and open-minded, and listened to me describe what I experienced. She accepted it all without making me feel embarrassed. 

Ruth prescribed glasses that helped me. She was happy to keep reviewing the situation until we found the right combination of tint and visual correction to help me as much as possible. 

Ruth also discovered some other quirky things about my back and neck muscles and referred me to Martin Higgins who is a special physiotherapist. He has really helped me too. 

Dominic (age12) 

For the past nine years I’ve had to wrestle with one big question: ‘Do I wear my coloured glasses all the time as I should and have to explain to every tom dick and harry that I am not on drugs, that I haven’t lost my guide dog and that I know it’s not bright in doors; or do I not wear them, try and fit in and suffer.’ 


Every person in the world who has an invisible disability has this same sort of question. Some are more common and the public understands them, like epilepsy, others sound like made up excuses, like dyslexia, dyspraxia, or what I have, Irlen Syndrome. People who have these conditions have to continually justify why they have them and why they need help. Because we have no physical signs of a disability, we can’t be looked at as vulnerable, and therefore we have no excuse and just need to try harder.


I couldn’t read till I was 17 years old. Before I had my coloured glasses every time I sat down to read a page, no matter how interesting, I got a hundred words in and had a migraine and went to bed. I could never proof read my work, and for my English GCSE and A levels I had to use audio books for the course work. I got dropped down to the lower sets in maths, science and English because I could not read. Most days I went to the nurses office and ended up just sleeping for half an hour to a hour a day. I could not talk properly, I slurred my words and stumbled over my sentences. I was rejected by my fellow students and bullied.


Most people are blessed with a filtering system to sort out what is important and unimportant visual stimulation. I don’t seem to have that – glasses free – everything is chaos. A quiet street seems crowed. My hypersensitivity goes through the roof and I have panic attacks. Glasses free – I’m an acrophobic.

The simple act of looking through a colour tinted piece of glasses changes my life from chaos to normality. I found this out when I lost my glasses for only two weeks. I went straight back to slurred speech – constant fatigue and I couldn’t read or focus on anything.


So to everyone who thinks that there is a psychosomatic effect to coloured glasses – and Irelene syndrome is just a made up condition to explain away far deeper problems. Give me a sugar pill and get to read War and Peace in one sitting – I dare you.


So back to my original question –‘do I where my glasses and carry on explaining to the world why I have to?’ The answer is yes – the more people who are aware – the closer we get to the condition being as common as having stigmatism or long or short sight – so that coloured glasses are as normal as every other type of glasses.


I came to meet the lovely Ruth when I searched the internet for some answers on my on-going eye problems for ten years that I was suffering with. On a daily basis I had headaches, my heyes constantly hurt all day and I had problems with my vision when turning left and right and my vision didn’t flow. My initial search that came up was a virtual Reality programme from t America, called Vivid Vision which helps my eye tracking, binocular vision (using bith eyes together) and Ambylopia (one eye weaker than the other.) which took me to Ruth’s website who said they supplied this program.

On my initial visit Ruth did lots of tests that I have never done before at previous opticians. After Ruth’s findings Ruth fitted me with some bi-nasal occlusion tape onto my glassess to help both eyes do their own individual job as supposed to the brain  just telling one eye to do the work as it’s easier. The initial settling in period  was hard to do but and I felt I wanted to take it off but after a week it had an almost immediate effect. My daily headaches disappeared, my peripheral vision sorted itself out and my eyes hurt less each day as they don’t have to strain, plus experienceing the next level of 3D vision after daily exercises prescribed by Ruth.

My next step is to do the Vivid Vision exercises at home or in the clinic for 6 months to make the symptoms disappear even more and for my eyes to work together better, plus it is quite fun so it’s not a chore. 


I thought I would never have found an answer to these problems I have experienced for so long so it is lovely to be able to help others who may read this who had similar problems. 

Finally, Ruth has been a good friend and has always had time to chat about how I feel which has been such a blessing.

Kirsty D

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