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Older M-F couple

A stroke can lead to problems with eye movements resulting in both eyes not working together as a pair. This can make it difficult to focus on specific things because of blurred vision as well as diplopia (double vision). Some vision problems after stroke are due to the brain having difficulty processing the information received from the eyes and other senses. This can happen in many ways, for example difficulty recognising objects or people by sight, or recognising colours.

Our experts may be able to improve your eye sight and visual field after a stroke.

Contact us for more information.

How Prisms worked wonders for Stroke SuffererS Ian and Myra.


Ian & Myra both suffered a life changing stroke which killed the part of their brain that controlled the peripheral vision.


Our latest vlogs reveal how with the help of prisms and special exercises, we helped Ian & Myra achieve outstanding results which ultimately gave them their life back.


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