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Acquired Brain Injury

This covers any insult to the brain where trauma is not involved but is an event of nature.

Stroke or CVA is usually a vessel occlusion in the brain damaging the nerves and therefore the function. Typically there is visual field loss in BOTH eyes. This can be addressed with Peli lenses, yoked prisms and vision training.

The location of the damaged site will dictate the field loss.


Symptoms can be similar to TBI in varying degrees, and can frequently sound quite bizarre.

When you have seen one brain injury, you have seen one brain injury because no two cases are the same. It is a matter of identifying the symptoms and experimenting with wavelengths (colour), prisms (direction of entry of light), BiNasal Occlusion (volume of visual input), and the power of lenses (which dictate the spread of light)

There can be no guarantee  but we can do our best to address the symptoms as far as is humanly possible.

Parkinsons Disease

Effects eye control and posture

Multiple Sclerosis

Effects eye control 

Myesthenia Gravis

Reduces eye movement


Can cause photophobia, blurry vision & time delay on visual functions 

Thyroid disease

Thyroid disease may

result in double vision.

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