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Welcome to Vision Care Development, Where Optometry Meets Education 

We are at the forefront of Visual Learning by working as a Multi-Disciplinary Team.

We are experts in Vision, Movement and Auditory Processing for happier learning.

We specialise in Amblyopia Treatments (Lazy Eye), Vision Based Reading Difficulty, Dyspraxia, Learning Difficulties, Balance & Posture, Brain Injury Patients, Sports Vision, Colour confusion, Retained Reflexes, Hemianopia, Vision Rehabilitation, Visual Perception, Auditory Processing and more.


Headaches, Poor Concentration, Reading & maths are wobbly, words are moving.


Clumsy, forgets simple instructions, low self esteem, ADHD, panics, headaches.

"Thank you for 

giving me my life

back. I can recommend your services to anyone with vision problems."

                          Amanda L

Ruth Perrott MBE

Ruth Perrott on Why Vision is more than just 2020

VisionCare Development specialises in developing the visual and learning skills of children and adults Additionally anyone who is experiencing vision problems following a brain or eye injury, or has problems with double vision or a lazy eye will benefit from our knowledge and vision development experience. 

Our team consists of a highly qualified and experienced, Behavioural Optometrist, a Learning through Movement specialist, two qualified Special Needs Teachers and a Speciliast in Autism so that no child falls between the professions of Optometry and Education.

Our experts have over 80 combined years of experience in helping children overcome these vision problems. Visual stress is a perceptual processing condition that causes reading challenges, headaches and visual confusion from exposure to patterns in bodies of text. These people can experience print distortion and fatigue and is linked to dyslexia and other similar visual learning difficulties. Auditory processing and ‘Movement for Learning’ may also play a part and our multidisciplinary team will look at all these elements.

We are at the Forefront of Diagnosis. Passionate about finding you the Best Vision Possible Treatment for Amblyopia (Lazy Eye), Vision Based Reading Difficulty, Balance & Posture Difficulties, Brain Injury Problems, Sports Vision, Colour confusion, Retained Reflexes, Hemianopia, Vision Rehabilitatin, Visual Perception and more.


Our team is unique and together we are passionate about vision in its broadest sense and diagnosing and understanding why it is not performing at it’s best capability for you, as an individual.

At VisionCare Development we use Vision Therapy techniques, including individual treatment programmes, designed to successfully correct the specific visual challenges faced by children and adults. This includes Vivid Vision which uses Virtual Reality (VR) technology to encourage a suppressed visual pathway (i.e. lazy eye), back into use.  We also offer Auditory Processing Therapy and much more.

Our unique, interactive, and hands-on approach to Vision Therapy allows our patients to overcome their visual barriers. We are passionate about our patients finding success in all the areas of their life which are important to them, whether it be in their social, athletic, or academic pursuits. We offer a fun and comfortable environment where our patients feel at home.

Many of our success stories are from individuals, parents and carers who never thought that they could find a solution to their specific problems.  We understand that every patient is unique and we are passionate about helping people improve their lives and overcome their vision difficulties. 

Ruth Perrott MBE, our Behavioural Optometrist is one of the most specialised in the country with over 45 years of experience in this field.  She has an in depth understanding of how the brain and eyes work together to ensure that children are able to clearly see an image and interpret it. 

Our Education Consultants and Vision Therapists, understand how the student will need to perform within the classroom and will support both parent and child to navigate the educational system. 

So if you or you loved one has any challenge with their vision system, please book a telephone consultation today 0n 01904 261126.  We are passionate about helping you.

Managing Behavioural Optometrist.


Taylor, K.M. and Trott, M (1991) in Williams, M.S., & Shellenberger, S. (1996). “How Does Your Engine Run?”® A leader’s guide to the Alert Program® for self-regulation. Albuquerque, NM: TherapyWorks, Inc.  

The Pyramid of Learning is an illustration that depicts a general idea of our children’s foundational skills, and what other skills build upon those. This information is useful, as it helps breakdown skill sets into underlying characteristics and helps prioritize what to address.

Success Stories

Harrison was struggling at school. He was unable to copy from the white board and was having trouble reading.
After a few sessions of vision therapy the improvement has been remarkable.


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