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young man struggles to rrad book lower r

Do you

struggle to read?


Do you struggle to read fluently?

Can you understand the content?

Do you get headaches?

Are you studying for a degree & the amount of reading is slowing you down?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, click HERE to book an appointment. 

We are passionate about helping you. 

What you may be experiencing


Difficulty reading

Difficulty understanding text

A feeling that you may have undiagnosed dyslexia 

Are you studying for a degree or continuing professional development and the amount of reading is slowing you down?

Is reading slow and miserable?

Many adults struggled through school and used various strategies to get by.

Reading is indeed a complex process. The eyes have to pull focus to make it clear; converge the eyes inwards to make it single and jump accurately from word to word before we even start to understand the meaning. 

What we can do


We can make an accurate assessment of how the eyes work together looking for minor disparities for full harmony and binocularity.

We will look at using colours which can make a massive difference to black on white making it less harsh and painful.

Headaches might be due to sensory overloading when we could reduce the overall input to the vision system by occluding various parts of the lens.

Only you can respond to the treatments we offer. Everyone is different and what works on one person may not work on another.


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