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Amblyopia - lazy eye or squint

Vision is a learned experience. A child is born with a pair of eyes but not a visual world. If it is learned, then it can be relearned. When an eye fails to develop properly, the ability to see clearly is not developed. Perhaps it points in the wrong direction (squint) or is a different dimension (long-sighted in one eye only when the brain favour the better eye). Traditionally the this will have been patched in childhood under the care of an Orthoptist usually based at a hospital. This stimulates the retina forcing recognition and improving the acuity (line of letters). It is better still to integrate the two eyes so that they work together creating 3D vision or stereopsis. This gives an appreciation of time and space in the world around you and is an advantage when driving and playing sport. It was thought that after 8 years old it is too late, but it has been shown by Dr Susan Barry describes in her book ‘Fixing my Gaze’. You can see her TED talk here.

Ruth Perrott achieved stereopsis in her late 50’s and can vouch for the benefits. 

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