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Anti Motion Sickness Glasses, as seen in the Instagram video worn by Dexter. These are non prescription glasses and can be worn for any type of travel to try and reduce or eliminate the effects of motion sickness.

They have also been found to help with vertigo, anxiety and over sensory stimulation.

They are CE marked quality frames, with CR39 lenses and a Binasal Occlusion.

There are no guarantees that they will work for you, but many people have found them to be hugely beneficial and are worth a try.








These glasses work by addressing the brain and enhancing the peripheral vision and suppressing the central vision. The peripheral is responsible for balance and posture and so the glasses alter the synergy between the two. They also reduce the overall visual input to a more manageable level when in motion.


These non prescription glasses, are not approved by the General Optical Council or the FDA.

Anti Motion Sickness Glasses

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  • Non prescription anti motion sickness glasses

    One Size.

    Dexter is wearing these sized glasses in the video.


  • Whilst many of our patients have found that these glasses reduce or eliminate motion sickness there is no guarantee that they will work on you. 

    We therefore do not offer Refunds.

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