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Lockdown Learning for Homeschoolers

With Covid - 19 we are facing great challenges to education and Vision Care Development are passionate about helping you at this unprecedented time.

We are offering remote therapy sessions.

We can offer parents a home-study consultation with us (via Zoom ). That means we’ll assess your child’s workspace and study habits to help you create an optimised game plan for learning at home.

What does this involve:

Where is your child working at home?

We will remotely review your child’s study area, including their chair, desk, lighting, computer setup, etc. We’ll look for any potential visual-stress issues that might cause visual fatigue, headaches or other issues.

Study schedules and habits.

We'll discuss your child's learning habits, including how their workday is structured.  We'll discuss where you have challenges and recommend strategies you can use to keep everyone working.  

Visual Strategies

We’ll then work with you on visual-learning strategies to improve your child’s overall performance. It will include:

  • Workspace recommendations for reducing visual stress and fatigue.

  • A workday schedule that’s suited to your child’s learning style. 

  • Tips for improving their study skills and efficiency.

For more information please email

Here is a great webinar by The Vision Therapy Center on visual strategies and education tips to help parents with kids learning at home.

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