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The Miraculous Effect of Yoked Prisms on Limited Peripheral Vision

Harrison came to see us after struggling with his reading at school. His peripheral vision was very limited as this video shows.

After prescribing Yoked will see the miraculous results.

His mum said :

"He has been able to read a book at arms length. Starting to follow along the sentence, sometimes with a point to find the word but no longer needing to cover other words.

He is starting to recognise repeated words in the same book. Again, had not been able to do this before.

He has reported they are helping him read the board at school.

Drawing and writing more precise and happier doing this. Not saying “I am rubbish at this”.

Falling asleep much quicker and easier at night. Previously would be very restless and often tearful.

So overall fantastic change in just a few days, huge thank you to Ruth

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