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Vision therapy for children: When glasses aren’t enough

Are you a parent?

Is your child frustrated?

Does the text blur or move?

Do they lose their place?

Do they fail to understand instructions?

Do they avoid reading?

Our team consists of a highly qualified special needs teacher and a Behavioural Optometrist so that no child falls between the professions of Optometry and Education.

Does Your Child?

Struggle to read books sent home from school?

Avoid reading?

Suffer from headaches?

Get easily distracted?

Complain the words are blurry or moving?

Find numbers a problem ?

Get frustrated about homework?

Struggle with spellings?

Use their finger to keep their place?

If any or all of the symptoms listed above sound familiar to you then we would like to help you.

When something is difficult it is natural to avoid it. When this becomes a battle of wills, self esteem is lowered, frustrations arise and there is seemingly nowhere to go.   

At VisionCare Development, we are passionate about using this optometrist-supervised treatment program that can, in many cases, successfully correct specific visual challenges faced by children and adults.

You may have taken your child to an optician and been told that they have 20 20 vision yet they still have issues learning.  

Your child may be suffering from Visual Stress. 

You may think that your child is dyslexic? 

It may simply be their vision. 

We are passionate about diagnosing the problem and helping your child. 

We understand that no two children are the same and we will investigate where the problem lies. 

Ruth Perrott, our Behavioural Optometrist is one of the most specialised in the country. She has an in depth understanding of how the brain and eyes work together to ensure that children are able to clearly see an image and interpret it. 

Fiona Healey, our Education Consultant and Vision Therapist, is an established dyslexic and autism specialist who understands how the student will need to perform within the classroom and will support both parent and child to navigate the educational system. 

We are a multi - disciplinary team where health and education meet. 

We find out what the passions of your child are and we will centre our activities around this making the sessions fun and enjoyable.

We have an awareness of legal requirements in the classroom. 

Our approach to your child’s learning difficulties is unique & multi disciplinary. 

The skill sets needed to read and write can be resolved by very simple exercises which change the balance of muscles in the eyes and the link between the brain and the output to resolve difficulties and creating learning. 

This therefore results in a child not needing a label or diagnosis but instead very simply just progress forward 

Our Vision Therapy sessions are fun and engaging. We include gross motor movements on the trampette and the gym ball.  Our eye tracker will tell us where the eyes go during reading, and whether they have to hunt for the word before they can find it, let alone to identify and understand it. 

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