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"You Gave Me My Life Back"

How Vision Care Development changed Ian's Life Following a Stroke.

Ian had no right peripheral vision in either eye due to a stroke.

“Pretty much the right hand side of me was gone"

Ian had been searching on the internet for quite some time before he found Ruth Perrott at Vision Care Development. Ruth had been to some conferences in America and learnt that one could move space using Prisms. Ian, who prior to his stroke had not needed glasses, was prescribed some by Ruth, and on to the lens they stuck a prism.

Ian has a prism fixed to his glasses.

What Is A Prism?

A prism is a piece of glass that will move the image from the blindside into the sighted side. The person has got to learn to re calibrate the brain so that they can process information from two different sources at the same time.

Ruth Perrott:

This takes a lot of practise but once it's achieved it's a transformation. Giving such a lot of hope to people who have previously had such little hope for the future following a stroke.


“Something as simple as a prism and someone who is interested in helping you, together you can make pretty much wonders for people.”

If you’ve had a stroke it's easy to despair and to think that nothing can be done but it's very exciting to know that things can be done. Not only can we move the image with a prism stuck to the glasses we can also go through exercises so that we can learn accurate eye movements.

Watch some of Ian's Journey With Vision Care Development here:

Ian taking part in exercises to improve his peripheral vision

Ruth Perrott with Ian


“It gives you back the life you used to have. I would recommend anybody to give it a go. You can’t lose.”

There are things that can be done for people who have experienced vision loss after a stroke. We can help. There are lot of things for people to do for themselves, to learn, to re calibrate the brain to use the vision in a different way but we can get there and it's very exciting for the future.


“Part of my life in a way with my sight was gone. I did not have a peripheral vision. It effected my family too. I couldn’t play cricket with my son because the ball kept hitting me in the head. With my vision now we can play and we can mess around and he’s got his old dad back”

If you or anyone you know has suffered any sort of vision loss following a stroke or brain injury, contact us for a free consultation. We are passionate about helping you.


Call:  01904 261126 

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